Sunday, October 07, 2007

I was painting on an ornament for the San Bernardino Museum's 25th anniversary, I'll photograph and post that later, when a good friend called and told me there were tigers at the mall. I, of course, jumped in the truck and drove to see I know that it concerns some that these beautiful animals must live in cages and put up with humans under unnatural circumstances but this as it is and I'm going to give what support I can to those who care for and do the best they can for them. This particular group is G. W. Exotic Animal Foundation at and they were all terrific. For a donation you could get in the cage and be with a couple of babies (I brought my camera of course) and have photos taken. They were on a fund raising tour. Hope you visit their web site, they are the nations largest big cat rescue operation. For two years I volunteered at the Exotic Feline Breeding Compound in Rosemond, CA and so I have a big soft spot in my heart for these animals and the peril they face.

Must get back to painting, I'm trying to get my oils finished for the Calif. Show and get myself organized for my upcoming trip. I'll try and take some time to post some images of what I've been working on.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

'Rodeo Veteran' oil 11" x 14"

Much of my time has been spent painting, which is turning from a luxury to a reality. I had several commissions to finish and work to get done for the shows. My artist friends have hardly had time to get together for our monthly meetings although yesterday I meant with good friend and fellow artist, Ruthann Nordlund, to talk about the upcoming Women Artist of the West (WAOW) member’s show in Chicago. It should be a terrific one. It’s being held at the Hilligoss Gallery and we have guest artists such as Nancy Guzik and Richard Schmid, Kristen and Timothy Thies among some other real talent attending and/or participating. It has made everyone raise the bar for their artwork submissions. There are about 50 members attending, along with the guest artists, so it should be a ball.

I also have the 25th Anniversary show at the San Bernardino Museum. This is a 4 day wildlife show with dinners and benefit auctions attached. One of the auctions they are having is for anniversary ornaments made by each of the 25 artists, they will be auctioned as a group. I’m not a crafter so this is a real challenge for me. It must be finished in a couple of weeks so I’ll post a photo of it when I finish. It will incorporate a miniature painting, but how, I don’t know yet. I’ve also been invited to participate in a show in San Francisco for the Cow Palace western show next April. I love doing the western paintings and will post one her today. It’s ‘Rodeo Veteran’ an 11” x 14” oil.

I am also posting all of the membership applications for a new round of jurying new members, online. It’s a big job.

So I will be flying in to Los Angeles to begin preparing for the SBMA show. Fly to and form Chicago and not leave L.A. until the first of Dec. My daughter and husband are flying in from Hawaii to visit for Thanksgiving, can hardly wait. Greg and I will celebrate our day when I get home. We have also been looking at places to move to in TN. We have new calves and bred cows – all rodeo stock. Greg has been busy being involved with that whole world, including photographing and making some exciting video DVD’s of the bull riding events. Me, I found a horse that would make me exchange my lake for – although I’m hoping to still be surrounded by gorgeous scenery and wildlife.

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

I've just begun to settle from traveling. I finished off my workshops with one on fur to a group that I have given several workshops to, in Baudette, MN. It was full and hard work but being with these artists is always a joy. I also gave a fur workshop in Wickenburg, AZ. The artists that I taught were all so accomplished that it made me work overtime. I will post some images in the next day or two. Some artist freinds and I also drove back up to Baudette to meet in a classroom with some of the students and just paint together. We spent the whole day focusing on flowers. We did get in a couple of great meals and good talk between a lot of hours of painting. We are going to get together again soon, probably here in Bemidji, at one of our homes for critiques and coffee and hopefully some painting. I'm working on a the preliminaries for a DVD on some of my workshops.
Happy painting.

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

"Zebra" by Linda Walker

"Zebra" 5" x 3.5" oil by Linda Walker

I got to travel to Africa last year and what an incredible trip it was. I'm going again as soon as I can fund another trip. I have had the good fortune both through my first job as a flight attendant (I was a stewardess and the job lated 21 years instead of the 2 years I had planned on) and my husband's job and penchant for travel. Anyway, I saw three species of Zebra and each was stuningly beautiful. I am just starting a large painting of them against one of the Kenya backgrounds. The morning is damp and foggy, just perfect for doing indoor things.

Zebra is a framed miniature and sells for $225 includes s&h. To purchase click here

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

"Spring Bouquet"

"Spring Bouquet" 7" x 5" oil Sketch
These were Easter flowers from last year that I thought were so pretty. I don’t usually paint flowers but now that I’m doing these sketches I have found my reference expanding. Painting these will give my husband or daughter a reason for getting me a new bouquet this Easter…so yes there is madness and greed behind my painting.
I have a few set-ups that I’ll paint this week, on of which contains some dried white rosebuds from a bouquet my sister sent me. I am running out of patience with them and can’t wait to get back to the smell of oils. It’s not that I don’t appreciate the art of illustrations and am not proud when they are completed but right now I have so many other directions on my mind that it is hard to concentrate on them. I have managed to paint a couple of serious works to submit to shows.
This painting is $125 which includes S&H right now it’s in a nice gold frame which I can sell framed for $150. To Purchase click here.

Sunday, April 01, 2007

"Kern River Fishing Hole"

"Kern River Fishing Hole" 4" x 6" oil sketch
This was one of our favorite places to go during the hot California summers. We camp or rent a wonderful cabin in Coffee Camp, not too far up the road from here. There was a small sand beach and the water was deep enough to swim in without the treacherous rapids found in much of the Kern River. I don't do too many landscapes although I'm really a fan and could learn much by painting them more often. The light, perspective, atmosphere are both a challenge and a joy. I can competely understand the drive plein air painters have. In fact I just purchased a pochard, mostly to tote while giving workshops, but as soon as it stops raining I'd like to set it up on our deck, which overlooks a beautiful lake setting, and get to painting outdoors.
This sketch is $100 including S&H. To Purchase click here

Wednesday, March 28, 2007


"Pheasant" 3.5" x 5" oil Miniature

We occasionally have these beautiful, stately birds show up around our home but mostly, because we live in a wooded area, we see them in the fields a short ways from here. I'm doing a few studies such as this one to familiarize myself with them and would then like to do a large painting. I have some great reference of one with all of his gorgeous plumage. I'd love to get started on it but there are so many images on my plate that I'm not sure when I'll be able to begin.
The day is rainy today and looks to stay that way for a time. I have almost finished my taxes and have about another 2 weeks before I finish the illustrations for the chidren's book. Then a workshop in Wickenburg and a quick trip to Hawaii to visit my daughter. She's so much fun and I don't see her often enough so I can hardly wait. I'll try and come back refreshed (tough to do on the islands) and ready to get to work painting . I should get smart and make these trips in the winter when we're freezing here.
This is a miniature and sells for $225 including S&H. To purchase click here

Sunday, March 25, 2007


"Zebra" miniature oil painting, 5" x 3.5"

I got to travel to Africa last year and what an incredible trip it was. I'm going again as soon as I can fund another trip. I have had the good fortune both through my first job as a flight attendant (I was a stewardess and the job lated 21 years instead of the 2 years I had planned on) and my husband's job and penchant for travel. Anyway, I saw three species of Zebra and each was stuningly beautiful. I am just starting a large painting of them against one of the Kenya backgrounds. Right now I've got to get back to finishing the illustrations for a 4th book of children's poetry written by Linda Chambers. The morning is damp and foggy, just perfect for doing indoor things.

This is a framed miniature and sells for $225 includes s&h. To purchase click here

Friday, March 23, 2007

Prickly Pair

"Pickly Pair" Miniature Oil Painting - 3.5" x 5"

The name came from the love of this porcupine for his favorite food, wild roses. I got to watch this lady with her pup at a photo workshop at the Wild Eyes wild animal ranch. A painting of the two of them was featured in the book Best of Wildlife Artists II. Wild Eyes is a resort set up for photographers of wild animals. I took a workshop and then went, several times, on my own to photograph a great variety of animals. The animals come to them as orphans or injuries and I'm allowed several hours with them, in their natural settings.

The miniature is priced higher than the sketches for the obvious reason that they take 3 to 4 days not a couple of hours to paint.
Price is $225 which includes frame and S&H. Click here to Purchase

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Dove & Juniper

"Dove & Juniper" oil, 2.5" x 5"
When we lived in Southern California we were surrounded by large Juniper trees. They were a favorite roost for many birds but especially the doves. We kept fresh water and bird feed along with a great amount of shelter to encourage the bird life to stay around. We still do that here in Minnesota and I still have the pleasure of doves. This little painting is more of a miniature than a sketch, meaning it is more finished. I paint these in layers of transparent paint which gives them a nice depth. There is far more than 1 to 2 hours invloved in it.

You can purchase this work unframed for $125 or framed for $160. Purchase

Saturday, March 10, 2007

'Snow Leopard' 2.5" x 5" oil
I volunteered at the Exotic Feline Breeding Compound (affectionaly called 'the cat house'), in Rosemond, California, for 2 years. I gave tours a couple of times a week plus helped with the feeding and cleaning. To feed we would prepare the meals - each had a specific diet and private feed pan. I was allowed to go into the cages to photograph, I had to have one person in the cage with me carrying a rake and another at the cage door. This being the same precautions we used for cleaning the cages every day. They had a great variety of big cats including Snow, Amur, African, Asian Leopards to Bobcats, Cougar. This Snow Leopard was one that I had the pleasure of knowing. They have the softest fur I've ever felt, which is the main reason they are on the endangered list. I've never understood why humans would think the fur would look better on them than on the animal, to the point they would condone the slaughter for their personal vanity. I was so lucky to have had the pleasure of serving them in the compound's attempt to save these gorgeous felines.

The price is $100 unframed or #135 framed. Click here to purchase.

Monday, February 26, 2007

"Pasture Pals" 2.5" x 3.5" oil Sketch

Signs of spring. It's snowing here, finally, instead of just being bone chilling cold and I thought painting this would make me think warm. These two are just too cute. I really love to paint the baby animals and haven't done that much lately. I've been so busy with major projects and working with the Women Artists of the West that I haven't been painting on these sketches as often as I would like. I just met with a group of artists, that I get with once a month, and most of them had begun painting these sketches and they love doing them. So, since it was my suggestion to start, I had better get myself in gear. Hopefully I will be adding more on a regular basis. I have a shelf full of ideas and props to get me re-started.

Purchase "Pasture Pals" for $100, this includes S&H by clicking here

Saturday, February 03, 2007

Daily Painting - "Bookend I"

"Bookend" oil, 7" x 5"
I have found that although I love those quickly painted, impressionistic works, I love glazing and so I must wait until these dry and then work on them a second time. This seems to be anywhere from 1o to 30 minutes more. I would take even longer at refining if these objects were a part of a painting and not a sketch. I put about another 20 minutes into this one and reposted it.

I found this bookend at one of my favorite antique haunts. They only had the one but I didn't need 2, they never hold up the books anyway and there's usually not enough room on my bookshelves for ends. I've been painting with a very limited pallet on some of these last small pieces. It will focus me more on the values and lines. The larger pices are getting more of the color.
The price is $100 including S&H. Click here to purchase.

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

"Old Creamer II"

"Creamer II" oil 7" x 5"
As long as I had this set up I decided to try a different background. I'm not sure which I like best, I think they are just different. I might even try another later on down the road.


Sunday, January 21, 2007

"Old Creamer"

"Cream Pitcher" 7" x 5" oil
This is a favorite piece that I saved from an antique store that yearly gets rid of it's discards. I think it's really pretty and have wanted to paint it for a long time ( I have several pieces that I feel that way about so I'll have to do more of these). Just as I started this a friend told me she was putting together a white on white piece to paint so I will, hopefully, post her's when she finishes. It would be good to see how we approach this. It seems to be an exercise that artist like to try every once in a while.
Price is $100 (includes shipping). Click here to Purchase

Saturday, January 20, 2007

Daily Painting - "Coffee & Grapes"

" Coffee & Grapes" 5" x 7" oil
A still life study. I have been wanting to paint this small, rustic coffee urn and will use it a few more times. I really don't paint many still lifes although really like them and doing these small sketches will hopefully make me more proficient. Perhaps I'll get to liking them enough to take more workshops with artists that I admire. I had a workshop in Taos with Gregg Kruetz that was terrific. I'd like to take from David Leffel or Sherry McGraw but I'm not sure I would enjoy the greatly darkened room for 5 days. I had to take my easel outside and paint in the sun after 1 day during Kruetz's workshop.
Price is $100 (includes shipping). Click here to Purchase

Sunday, January 14, 2007

Daily Painting - "Butterfly #II"

"Butterfly #II" oil 5" x 7"
This image background is not quite as blue as it looks here. I'll do some better photography on these in the next couple of days - I need to take the paintings up and reset up my photography lights. They got taken down when I was doing another project.
The butterfly family is Papilio demoleus found in the Philippines. A gorgeous insect, it was fun to paint. Because I was using black and yellow which turn green I did this in two sittings (or standings) instead of my usual one. I have another that is dark blackish brown and silvery that I'll do in the same way. I could do these in one sitting but I'd just start fighting it and not be as happy painting it.
Price is $100 (includes shipping). Click here to Purchase

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Daily Painting - "Fall Leaf 2"

“Fall Leaf 2” oil 7" x 5"
Another of the oak leaves I gathered and stashed around the house. I like to paint these because I can try out different variations of the color choices I’m going to use for the primary painting I’ll be working on after warming up with these small quick studies.
Price is $100 (includes shipping). Purchase by clicking here

Daily Painting - Fall Leaf 1

“Fall Leaf 1” oil 5” x 7”
I painted a couple of the leaves I gathered this fall. We live surrounded by a forest filled with deciduous trees that make a gloriously colored autumn. Having cleared a large space for our home we’ve been planting trees to take their place. One in our front yard is a Fire Maple, it’s so pretty that I think we’ll plant more of them. Not to be confusing, the leaf in the painting is an oak leaf.
Price is $100 (includes shipping). To Purchase this painting click here

Last of the Cherry Tomatoes

This is titled “Last of the Cherry Tomatoes” oil 5” x 7”
We have 5 acres but with the deer, raccoons & other tomato loving animals that proliferate in the forests around us I must grow tomatoes in large pots on our terrace.
This year there were so many that we could gather more than a dozen per day for several months. They tasted great! This painting was done to relax me before starting on the finishing days of a large painting of lions that I was doing for the wildlife show at the San Bernardino museum in California.
Price is $100 (includes shipping) Click here to Purchase

Daily Painting - Butterfly

“Butterfly 1” oil 5” x 7”
This is one of the series of butterflies I’ve been painting. This one’s family is Appias Nero and is found in the Philippines. What a subtle, luminous beauty. I really enjoy painting these gorgeous creatures and spend about 1 ½ hours on them. The veining in the wings takes a bit longer even though they are still loosely painted. I’ve painted others but hadn’t photographed them before they sold, I’ll try and keep better records from now on.
Price is $100 (includes shipping). Click here to purchase