Wednesday, April 11, 2007

"Zebra" by Linda Walker

"Zebra" 5" x 3.5" oil by Linda Walker

I got to travel to Africa last year and what an incredible trip it was. I'm going again as soon as I can fund another trip. I have had the good fortune both through my first job as a flight attendant (I was a stewardess and the job lated 21 years instead of the 2 years I had planned on) and my husband's job and penchant for travel. Anyway, I saw three species of Zebra and each was stuningly beautiful. I am just starting a large painting of them against one of the Kenya backgrounds. The morning is damp and foggy, just perfect for doing indoor things.

Zebra is a framed miniature and sells for $225 includes s&h. To purchase click here

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

"Spring Bouquet"

"Spring Bouquet" 7" x 5" oil Sketch
These were Easter flowers from last year that I thought were so pretty. I don’t usually paint flowers but now that I’m doing these sketches I have found my reference expanding. Painting these will give my husband or daughter a reason for getting me a new bouquet this Easter…so yes there is madness and greed behind my painting.
I have a few set-ups that I’ll paint this week, on of which contains some dried white rosebuds from a bouquet my sister sent me. I am running out of patience with them and can’t wait to get back to the smell of oils. It’s not that I don’t appreciate the art of illustrations and am not proud when they are completed but right now I have so many other directions on my mind that it is hard to concentrate on them. I have managed to paint a couple of serious works to submit to shows.
This painting is $125 which includes S&H right now it’s in a nice gold frame which I can sell framed for $150. To Purchase click here.

Sunday, April 01, 2007

"Kern River Fishing Hole"

"Kern River Fishing Hole" 4" x 6" oil sketch
This was one of our favorite places to go during the hot California summers. We camp or rent a wonderful cabin in Coffee Camp, not too far up the road from here. There was a small sand beach and the water was deep enough to swim in without the treacherous rapids found in much of the Kern River. I don't do too many landscapes although I'm really a fan and could learn much by painting them more often. The light, perspective, atmosphere are both a challenge and a joy. I can competely understand the drive plein air painters have. In fact I just purchased a pochard, mostly to tote while giving workshops, but as soon as it stops raining I'd like to set it up on our deck, which overlooks a beautiful lake setting, and get to painting outdoors.
This sketch is $100 including S&H. To Purchase click here