Thursday, February 18, 2010

Vote for me on the Art Stars Video Competition!!!

Click on the link below to view a short video

I am in the 28 finalists for the Jerry's Artarama 'Art Stars' Competition. The votes are counted as views of the video but only one view per day per computer ISP is counted. The counting is finished April 30 so please let it run every once in awhile, I would be very appreciative.

My husband and I filmed this video with some less than satisfactory equipment and without the professional help of some of the artists so please forgive the pixilations and less than satisfactory quality. This isn't an excerpt from a full length professional video. The winner of the competition will have a full dvd professionally done for them.

No matter what the outcome I will be putting together some DVDs this year. I would like them to be on subjects that have been popular for my workshops.

I'm painting a lot and getting ready to leave for California early April through mid June. I'll be teaching a workshop in Wickenburg, AZ April 12 through 15.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Here is a photo of our two new bulls, #91 &, we haven't as yet come up with names for them, they need manly names. They're in Kentucky right now & I'd like to watch them grow but it's just a little far to just drop by, perhaps we can fix that in the near future.

Again, I've been a long time getting back to my blog. I'm trying to make a habit out of too many things, exercise, painting, cleaning, goofing...just not enough time or willpower.

I'm painting again, I took a few weeks off from life & did a little less than nothing. I became ambitious just a week-ish ago. Am about 1/2 finished with a painting of horses o the back side of Santa Anita Race track.

I have to start taxes soon & there goes another week but this year am hoping to get to them early so I'm not trying to do them & pack for SoCal.

Hope this is the start of an exciting, healthy, 'wonderous' year for all.