Monday, February 26, 2007

"Pasture Pals" 2.5" x 3.5" oil Sketch

Signs of spring. It's snowing here, finally, instead of just being bone chilling cold and I thought painting this would make me think warm. These two are just too cute. I really love to paint the baby animals and haven't done that much lately. I've been so busy with major projects and working with the Women Artists of the West that I haven't been painting on these sketches as often as I would like. I just met with a group of artists, that I get with once a month, and most of them had begun painting these sketches and they love doing them. So, since it was my suggestion to start, I had better get myself in gear. Hopefully I will be adding more on a regular basis. I have a shelf full of ideas and props to get me re-started.

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Saturday, February 03, 2007

Daily Painting - "Bookend I"

"Bookend" oil, 7" x 5"
I have found that although I love those quickly painted, impressionistic works, I love glazing and so I must wait until these dry and then work on them a second time. This seems to be anywhere from 1o to 30 minutes more. I would take even longer at refining if these objects were a part of a painting and not a sketch. I put about another 20 minutes into this one and reposted it.

I found this bookend at one of my favorite antique haunts. They only had the one but I didn't need 2, they never hold up the books anyway and there's usually not enough room on my bookshelves for ends. I've been painting with a very limited pallet on some of these last small pieces. It will focus me more on the values and lines. The larger pices are getting more of the color.
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