Monday, August 10, 2009

Getting ready for Shows

When I Grow Up - oil - 12" x 16"
Juried into the Bosque Classic, TX

'Misty Links' oil 9" x 12"
On display at Northern Artists Gallery, MN

I have been remiss, as usual, in adding to my blog and that's a little odd considering how much I like to talk. I do have a lot going on now and in the future.

There are two of my small works originals being shown online at the WAOW membership show. Go to and I'm under signature & emeritus.

Greg & I will be leaving Sept. 21st-ish to drive to a show in Cody, WY Sept. 23 through 26. This show should be lots of fun. It's being held at the Historic Irma Hotel & I've been assigned the rooms of Irma Cody (Wild Bill's daughter). You can find information on this show at

We then head toward Los Angeles to visit our moms, after a swing through Yellowstone for a few days of photographing the sights. I have a wildlife art show in San Dimas on Oct. 21 through 23. This is a terrific venue, only 22 artists are invited and they supply the walls.

I also have a painting (I'll show it at the end of this writing) juried into the prestigious 24th Annual Bosque Art Classic in Cliffton, TX(used to be the Bosque Conservatory).

We are staying in L.A until the first of Nov. (I'm talking to Wickenburg to see if we can agree on a time for me to give a workshop but it might have to wait until next May). We are deciding on whether we might stay in Vegas for a few days to see the ABBI classic & relax at the Southpoint or drive to Nashville to visit with Greg's brother & take a look at what TN has to offer.

I'm doing some smaller - 5 x 7 & 9 x 12 - landscapes. They are great fun but I have to get busy on a nice piece for San Dimas plus I need to do a small work on paper for a benefit they have. I'd like to make this a good one.

Here is a sample of what I'm doing:
One is when 'I Grow Up' a 12 x 16 oil, going to the Bosque Classic show Sept. 13 through the 26th.
The other is 'Misty Links' a 9 x 12 oil of Bandon Course in Oregon. It is being shown, along with some of my other work, at the Northern Artists Gallery where I was asked to be feature artist for the month of August - this is also their 20th anniversary.

I'm happily painting without too many interruptions & will hopefully have everything done for our trip. We found someone to stay with our home & care for our pets - that's always a biggy. Hope you all are well & creating.