Saturday, September 12, 2009

'Autumn on the River' oil 9" x 12"
Just one of the gorgeous autumn days in Minnesota. I am doing a wildlife show so I placed some ducks in the milling in the background.

'Misty Vista' oil 9" 12"
This is at Bandon Golf Course in Oregon. A good day no matter how you play.

I'm slowly getting ready to leave for my trip to Wyoming & California.

Must make a correction to the date for the San Dimas Show, it's Oct. 16 through 18.

We will stay in L.A. for a couple of weeks to visit with the moms & go to the ABBI bucking bull show in Las Vegas on the way home. Three days of entertainment & food. We stay at the Southpoint which is about as comfy as it gets. I also plan on a lot of visiting with art friends & getting saturated with art. We have some great friends that are long time docents at the Getty museum & I plan to take them up on an offer of a close-up inspection of some of the gorgeous work there.

I've been painting on some small landscapes lately. They are so much fun to do that it might be hard to get back to the detailed work of fur & feathers. I started because it seemed that backgrounds were what I needed the most work with. I could always do them well but I'm working to get more spontaneity. It doesn't necessarily add up to less work. The goal is to really work on looser brushwork. I can't see myself using the thick juicy paint that plien air painters use but a softer, lost edge look that is my own is coming through. So far they have been very well received. I've include 2 at the top of this entry.

I took down the show at the Northern Gallery & got my painting sent off to Texas. I have decided not to do the San Bernardino show - it's just so much work & even though the sales are good I get way too tired & it keeps me away from home for too long. I'll probably put my walls up for sale when I go back to L.A. in April for the Wickenburg, AZ workshop. It will be my 4rth & I may also do a one day plien air workshop between the lecture & the 3 day workshop. I'll post more on that later. I've decided to concentrate on juried shows. They are much easier on me & I can do some traveling to the openings along with the couple of wildlife shows I do in CA. I've been asked to do some workshops that are out of town but I'll have to see how well they schedule in. I may also finally get to some sculpting & wouldn't jewelry be fun?

Stay well & be happy creating.