Sunday, January 10, 2010

Here is a photo of our two new bulls, #91 &, we haven't as yet come up with names for them, they need manly names. They're in Kentucky right now & I'd like to watch them grow but it's just a little far to just drop by, perhaps we can fix that in the near future.

Again, I've been a long time getting back to my blog. I'm trying to make a habit out of too many things, exercise, painting, cleaning, goofing...just not enough time or willpower.

I'm painting again, I took a few weeks off from life & did a little less than nothing. I became ambitious just a week-ish ago. Am about 1/2 finished with a painting of horses o the back side of Santa Anita Race track.

I have to start taxes soon & there goes another week but this year am hoping to get to them early so I'm not trying to do them & pack for SoCal.

Hope this is the start of an exciting, healthy, 'wonderous' year for all.

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