Thursday, October 15, 2009

Our trip so far

I had a great time at the show in Cody, WY. Great art & terrific experience. I had the Irma Cody suite which I decorated with easels covered with old fashioned material to display my paintings. We had a great turn out & the show was a success which always helps one have a good time.

After the show my husband & I made our way through Yellowstone park ( we had a little trouble because of some fires closing a portion of the road & construction closing other parts). Never the less it was spectacular! Tons of elk & buffalo & fabulous scenery - great pictures that I can't wait to paint from. We walked all of the available geyser trails & had to drive through Bozeman the first day to get to our room in West Yellowstone late but it was worth it.

We are both looking forward to doing this again.

I'm at a hotel in San Dimas tonight. We set up our show tomorrow & then have the "dinner" for the collectors. The show is two more days & then we will start looking to leave the first of the following week. I think we are still set on driving through Nashville on the way home. We have several places to look at for new homes & we just found out we have a new bull calf so it will take some pretty bad weather for Greg to decide this isn't a good idea.

I stopped on the way to San Dimas to get a frame made for a painting that is going to the OPA eastern regional show in Florida. I am anxious to see how it looks but he is sending it to our home so will have to wait for awhile.

Will post some images of our trip later this week. I'll also let you know how the San Dimas show goes. This is such a good show & they only invite 23 artists so I am very honored to be amongst them. A very dear friend & funny gal, Leslie Kirchner, will be staying with me on Saturday night so that should be a fun evening. So far the room is fabulous & I am having a very good time.

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